Hey, thanks for checking out my site! My name is Guy Tadman & I do my own unique style of photography here on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW, Australia. I also make regular trips to the Gold Coast... & semi regular trips to Hawaii.

I've had nearly 12 years of photographic experience with many & varied publications. However, the majority of my work & my passion is portfolio shoots.



My shoots are easy going & a lot of fun. I love the beach & do most of my shoots there so my style is quite fresh & natural. I also have a home studio & a shed/gym just 5 mins from Terrigal Beach. I also have access to a beautiful pool at The Forrester's Beach Resort that I often use as well.

I enjoy creating images that are fresh, alluring & simply beautiful. I aim to make an impact that remains timeless and appeals to almost everyone across a broad range of ages, styles, etc. In contrast to some current trends, I don't rely on the "sex sells" factor as I belive that I and everyone I photograph have a lot more to offer than that. I do believe that very often "less is more" & you don't have to show too much skin to be sexy... & a little mystery is more appealing in the end anyway.

You could say that my style is "Sensual... Not sexual".

Hopefully my range of photos speak for themselves and you get the idea but if you need some help just check out the "Your part" section regarding outfits etc. If you have any questions I’m always keen to help so feel free to email or call.



I do a lot of portfolio photography for models (Glamour, fashion & fitness), singers and actors. I love helping the established model get some really fresh and unique images to add to their portfolio. I also do Couple's, family, maternity & fashion range shoots. 


I also love helping people get started in modelling. I enjoy encouraging beginner models, see them gain confidence throughout the photo session and am happy to help them pose and get the most out of their photo shoot in ways that suit their individual look and their comfort levels. I’m always stoked to see how much they enjoy the results when they view their photos for the first time!



Keeping images fresh and natural reflects part of my style. I definitely edit out blemishes, blend skin tones and tidy up photos. But i don't over edit to the point where it no longer looks like you. Knowing how much to edit and when to stop is a very important part of my skill.


I look forward to working with you and having a great day!

Thanks again,




NOTE: Special thanks to Lina Jade for her friendship and for helping me set up this website. And to God, family and all my gtp fans!!!



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